Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nailene | Ultra Quick Brush On Gel Kit

Good Morning Dolls!
I have a bit of an unfortunate review for you today about the Nailene Ultra Quick Brush On Gel Kit. When I initially received the Ultra Quick Brush On Gel Kit from Nailene I was ecstatic because it promised gel nails quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. Many of you already know that I am a complete disaster when it comes to nail art. Even the simple act of painting my nails can become quite a task as I always manage to get polish around the nail bed. However, I felt confident using this kit because it promised to be easy.

The kit itself was well designed and included instructions that were easily to follow, however I would still recommend reading them over twice before beginning the process. The entire procedure took approximately an hour and by the end I was wishing I had simply gone to the nail salon.

The set comes with 2 complete salon looks, including 48 nail tips, both in natural and a french manicure design. The tips come in a variety of sizes, however I ended up having to use the duplicates of the same size for various nails, therefore  depleting the stash of extra tips. I decided to go for the french manicure look, since I always find that it looks so classy and put together. However, looking back on it, the natural tips would have been easier for a first timer since it would allow you to cover any blemishes with your favourite polish. Had I used the natural tips from the start this may have been a completely different review.

The steps to complete this look are quick simple and can essentially be dumbed down to:
  • Attach corresponding nail tip to your natural nail using the gel overlay
  • Paint a layer of gel overlay over each nail from bed to tip then while this layer is still wet apply a layer the gel activator
  • Repeat previous step as necessary
After this process the seam between your natural nail and the false tip should have disappeared, unfortunately that was not the case for me after 3 thin coats of gel overlay & activator. The false tips remained quite apparent on the majority of my nails and as I previously mentioned since I was so messy with the application, the gel was stuck to my skin and would not budge. I also found that the gel simply would not dry on my nails and this problem was present for a full day after the application, therefore I was left with nails that had apparent dents. The instructions recommend that if this happens, to add another layer of gel overlay and activator, which I had absolutely no luck with. 
Removal of the gel itself was quite simple and came off using the foil, cotton ball & nail polish remover technique, however the nail tips themselves were a different story. I ended up peeling them off of my nails over the next couple of days, which caused my nails to become brittle and weak.

Overall I think that Nailene has a great concept but the execution of the kit is not perfected yet. Despite my initial excitement I found this kit difficult to use correctly and quite time-consuming.  However, as I mentioned previously I still do not want to completely write this kit off yet as I think that I would have had a different experience if I had used the natural tips since I would have been able to hide any blemishes that I had created during the application process.

If you are looking to get gel nails I would recommend simply going to a salon as they will be professional quality, easy and last much longer. Have you tried a gel nail kit similar to the Nailene Ultra Quick Brush On Gel Kit? What was your experience like?
Amy,   xo

Disclaimer: The items in this post were sent for review, however my reviews will always express my honest opinion on a product since the reader is my number one priority. 


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    1. Thank you so much <3 That is so incredibly sweet of you <3

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  3. Love this nail art, so pretty ^-^
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  4. Ugh I've been wanting to try a at home gel manicure myself, but I think I'll pass. It looks like a lot more trouble than it's worth. I'll just pay the $25 & let the pros do it. Great review, looking forward to a follow-up with the natural tips.

    1. Definitely better to just go to the salon!

  5. I Loved the kit. I had issues at first but that was after I realized the nail glue doubles in the kit as what you brush on your nails first then the gel overlay goes on top of that.

    When I first tried it, I had a sticky situation on my hands until I retried it and now they so far have lasted a week.

    I love them, I just wish that the nail glue was a separate thing on its own so it would not be so confusing.

    1. it's the GEL not nail glue and I tried them first time they were not absolute perfect but...they looked good, good enough to save 30.00 salon cost and hassle of going....these pics looks like she deliberately spread gel all over her fingers missing the nails...sorry but I don't believe that it would come out that badly for anyone.

  6. Much love,
    "You are awesome <3

  7. I have also tried this kit, first time, I was going for the natural tips as I had a broken nail, but it was just before my sister's wedding, so was hoping to patch it up myself - it was semi-successful, but as the tip was acrylic on close inspection, it looked terrible! I also used the white tips and thought that the final product was good - except (as you have said) there were ridges, which I filed, and it just always looked a bit too thick - if that makes sense, like even though it was smooth between my natural nail and the tip it just didn't look right. Having said that, I think with a little more practice I would be better and it's definitely not the worst kit I have tried!