Thursday, November 13, 2014


After having a difficult week in the city I longed for a night of comfort and relaxation, so I headed into LUSH to pick up a few bath must-haves. To my delight the Lush elves had been hard at work filling the store with some of my favourite Christmas bath products. So, I completely ignored the permanent range, as you do, and set my sights on some old Christmas favourites, alongside a few new (and totally adorable) friends.

The Christmas Hedgehog • Bubble Bar ($7.25) - My little hedgehog friend looks slightly defeated with his sunken in eyeballs and small blue nose, but cute nonetheless. Layered with a floral scent and topped with blue hair made of shea and cocoa butters, this adorable bubble bar is seriously relaxing and creates the silkiest of waters, all hidden beneath a foot of bubbles. At the end of a long day the combination of lavender, rose and ylang ylang oils magically allows my thoughts to subside, as a sense of calmness comes over me – just what the doctor ordered.

So White • Bath Bomb ($6.45) - The So White bath bomb is one of my absolute favourites, and is a product that, in my opinion, should be part of Lush's permanent line up. Although it's outer appearance may look a little dull, the inside of So White contains a secret pink center, which fizzes away to lightly colour your bath. But the real reason I keep coming back for more of this bath bomb each and every year is the intoxicating apple scent – it's fresh, fruity and uplifting thanks to the inclusion of bergamot and neroli oils. The perfect Fall scent.

The Christmas Penguin • Bubble Bar ($7.45) - This little guy was WAY too adorable to pass up – plus an ex boyfriend and I had a thing for penguins so I always seem to find a soft spot in my heart for anything penguin related. The Christmas Penguin, inspired by Little Penguins found in Australia is a bubble bar – meaning it will fill the tub with mountains of orange-flower and bergamot-scented bubbles. Bubble baths are SO necessary on cold winter days, and I'm saving this guy for one of the coldest days so that I can transport my tired mind. The inclusion of Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils, along with the azure coloured waters it creates is reminiscent of the tropics – and in my mind I'm already miles, miles away.

Snow Angel • Bath Bomb ($7.95) - When a Lush product is described as part bath melt, part bath bomb you kind of stop caring about anything else going on in the world, because you know that the cure to all your woes rests in a single bath. Snow Angel is exactly that – woe whisperer, shimmer advocate, and skin softening wizard all in one. With the same Marzipan scent as their Christmas classic, Snowcake, this bath melt/bomb creates a creamy almond bathing experience that delights the senses and leaves you shimmering (literally). One more reason to feel magical.

Butterbear • Bath Bomb ($4.95) - One of the first bath bombs I ever tried from Lush was Butterball, and this year it has been transformed into the Butterbear – you would almost think Lush is trying to create their very own zoo. While this bath bomb is, well lets face it, is the equivalent of a 'basic bitch', it does create beautiful vanilla scented waters and contains heaps of cocoa butter to leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The most enchanting thing about this bath bomb (aside for the shape) is the possibilities for layering products to create an indulgent bath that is entirely your own. My favourite combination: a Butterbear and Floating Island bath followed with a generous layer of Vanilla Dee-lite to seal in softness.

With so many amazing releases from Lush this Holiday season it was difficult to only pick up 5 products. That being said I've already begun making a list of products that I missed out on in this haul, so be sure to let me know what your favourite holiday Lush products are so that I can grab them on my next visit. Northern Lights is a definite must – have you seen those starry waters!? To die for.

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  1. LUSH makes THE best holiday bathtime treats. If my wallet wouldn't cry I would buy one of everything! The animal shaped bath bombs and bubble bars are especially enticing, just out of sheer cuteness.

    1. I totally agree! I have so much stocked up that I could take a bath every single night and it would still take me over a month to go through it all. I need to get on that haha!