Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Drugstore lip products have come a long way since the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers & Glosses I used to collect by the dozens as a lil babe. Nowadays, it feels as though I can barely keep up with the new drugstore releases for lips, let alone face, eyes and skincare. But this year there are two stand out lip products that are absolute must haves, hailing from the drugstore: the Rimmel Provocalips ($10) and Annabelle Lipsies ($5).  

The Rimmel Provocalips[*] are a new kissproof lip colour, which in my opinion resemble the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge lipsticks in both their formulation and swatch, and boast up to 16 hours of wear. While a lot of the the time claims like this one are simply an exaggeration, the Rimmel Provocalips will do just that – lasting 16 hours without fading or transferring. The product is dual-ended, featuring a long-wear liquid lipstick on one end, and a high-shine gloss on the other. The duo provides an intense colour that boasts a beautiful shine thanks to the gloss, however I often wear the shades sans gloss to acheive a matte finish. 

I've got my hands on the shades Skinny Dipping, Pucker Up and Heart Breaker. Pucker Up, a beautiful baby pink packed with golden shimmer, is without a doubt my favourite shade – most likely due to the fact that I've been dreaming of Spring and envision myself wearing this shade daily. Whereas Skinny Dipping, a light brown, and Heart Breaker, a deep wine red with a hint of brown, will be better suited for my more demure looks. Now if only packaging was slightly more sophisticated – think a clear tube for the gloss. 
L-R // Rimmel Provocalips in Skinny Dipping, Pucker Up & Heart Breaker.
The Annabelle Lipsies[*] are a completely different breed of lip product compared to the Rimmel Provocalips – their goal: hydration with a hint of colour. The lighter shades are perfectly suited for a day at the beach as long as they are layered atop a lip balm with SPF – they add a subtle, glossy finish and are packed with incredibly moisturizing ingredients. The brighter colours provide a surprisingly pigmented swatch, making them a staple in my purse for days of running errands. However, given their junior packaging I'm whether I truly want anyone to see me applying them – yes, I am that much of snob. 

The two shades I've been testing are Lychee and Cherry, which both feature bright, fruity aromas unique to the fruit they are named after – making them the perfect way to welcome Spring. Lychee is a great everyday nude with a subtle golden shimmer that appears thanks to the glossy finish, while Cherry is a bright cherry red that provides a subtle stain as it wears. They, of course, aren't the most long-lasting lip balm I've tested but their twist-up design, and hydrating properties help me look past this small flaw. 
L-R // Annabelle Lipsies in Lychee & Cherry
What's the last lip product you tested from the drugstore?

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[*]The items featured in this post have been sent to THE PRETT¥ VAIN for purpose of review. All views expressed reflect my own opinion on the product. For additional information please see the Disclaimer.


  1. OMG thank you for doing these post, this 2 products I've been eyeing because don't know what I would like to try first. I want to find a lipstick that I don't have to reapply I'm not one to do so, the annabelle ones seem so buttery and great for our summers


    1. The Rimmel Provocalips are definitely the product for you then! I honestly struggle to take them off at night with my regular cleanser!!!

      And the Annabelle Lipsies are truly so buttery – a definite must have for summer!
      Check them both out girl!

  2. I was totally a Bonnie Bell girl too back in the day! These swatches look lovely. I also agree with you that I wish the Rimmel packaging was a little less gimmicky. I think drugstore makeup has improved leaps and bounds quality wise over the years, but the packaging always falls short compared to the high end stuff.

    1. I feel like we all were!

      Glad you agree about the packaging. I don't want to sound like a snob or anything, but it truly makes a difference in what I'm going to purchase. And if Rimmel had only gone for the clear tube as opposed to the printed lips I'm sure this product would be featured a lot heavier in the blogosphere..