Thursday, February 12, 2015


Let's not be prude, Valentines Day is as much about the bedroom as it is about the dinners, flowers, chocolates, and I love you's – this coming to you the valentines-hating scorpio. Either way we all reach that moment when we want to feel, and look sexy for our husband, boyfriend, man of the moment... whatever, who am I to judge. And the way to do that? With smooth, bronzed skin that glistens like Kim Kardashian's ass on the Paper Cover, of course. 

I began working on the tan earlier this week with the Karora Gradual Tan Buildable Colour[*], which is a daily face and body moisturizer that gradually builds a golden glow suitable for your skin tone. I've developed a brilliant base colour, yet still tonight I plan on exfoliating with my Cake Milk Made Body Scrub, and self-tanning with the St. Tropez Self Tan Dry Luxe Oil[*]. A regime I will repeat on Saturday. This ensures that my skin is as silky and bronzed as humanly possible. I've really enjoyed the Cake Milk Made Body Scrub, but once it becomes an empty I'll be purchasing the Caudalie Divine Scrub, which I've long wanted to try. It looks so luxurious, and I've become addicted to the fragrance thanks to the Divine Oil. As for the tanner, the St. Tropez Self Tan Dry Luxe Oil is one of my favourites because it's packed with hella gold shimmer, and never transfers to my clothing or sheets. And, yes, despite it being oil-based I still want my skin to glisten further, ahem... Kim's ass, so before the big night I'll also moisturize with the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil.  

The other ever important thing is the lingerie. I've spent days, weeks, months.. dreaming about owning a lingerie collection that I could never afford. I think it all stems back a co-worker, who once told me that she always wore a matching set for fear that she would die unexpectedly and there would be hot fire fighters, police men, or coroners around. Ha! I've avoided this by sticking with black intimates – they always match. But Valentine's Day calls for something sexier, more romantic, which is why I have my eyes set on these...

The final touches before the big night involve painting my nails and choosing a sensual scent. Since I am so truly against the hearts, flowers, and related Hallmark bullshit, I'll be avoiding nail art and wearing a simple red nail. Now to decide between Essie's Fishnet Stockings and Leading Lady. I have a love-hate relationship with red nails, but if there was any night to don them Saturday would be it. I've had an even tougher time deciding on the scent – Aerin Amber Musk, Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée, Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb are all so amazing, but eventually I think I've settled on my go to Elizabeth and James Nirvana. Nothing better suited for the sheets than that.    

How do you prep for a special night?

AM¥     XO

[*]Some of the items in this post have been sent to THE PRETT¥ VAIN for purpose of review. All views expressed reflect my own opinion on the product. For additional information please see the Disclaimer.

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