Monday, February 23, 2015


When I was younger I was a slave to the tanning salon. I bought membership after membership until one day the Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil, whose orange, leather-like appearance is gasp worthy, got her 15-minutes of fame, causing me to reject my addiction entirely. Given that I had been using tanning beds to amplify my beauty, I had completely disregarded the long term effects associated with them – wrinkles, cancer, etc... I've since started self-tanning to keep my skin bronzed during the winter, however it wasn't until this past December when I was introduced to Karora Cosmetics that I finally solidified my routine.

Karora is a line of self-tanning products, originally hailing from Ireland, that are formulated with natural botanicals to condition and soothe the skin. I was originally introduced to the line at a Murale event, which is where the brand is exclusively sold, and have since not only fallen in love, but I've also created the ideal faux-tan routine. It all begins on Sundays when I use the Express Bronzing Mousse to create a golden base. The mousse formula develops within an hour, however I've found that in order to achieve the darkest colour possible it's best to apply 2 coats, allowing it to develop for three full hours. Leaving it on longer is no hassle as the decadent formula contains aloe, acai berry, green tea, argan and bergamot oil to soothe and condition my skin. The colour fades gradually and naturally, giving me reason to apply the Gradual Tan Buildable Colour lotion once or twice throughout the week in order to maintain my colour. I first used this product on untanned skin a few weeks ago and was taken back by the rich bronzed colour I achieved after only a single use – it seriously blows the St. Tropez Everday Gradual Tan out of the water. And given that it's formulated with a blend of jojoba, coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, vitamin E and argan oil it always leaves my skin looking and feeling hydrated and supple. And, of course, with a perfectly bronzed glow. 
How do you maintain a faux glow?

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